fear me for i am death

Jenny Kathleen Porter by Cadeography

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of depressing posts on my dash and I know some of my followers are dealing with depression and being suicidal. This is for all of you, I hope you see this post tonight or tomorrow and you put the razor down and the pills away. I am here for you whenever and for whatever you need me. You are beautiful and strong and I believe you can survive this. 

Model: Tanya Titova Photography by: Ekaterina Belinskaya

Finally doing a new BOTW!
The screenie shows my first BOTW’s follower count before and after being my BOTW back then.
Want this, too? The rules are simple:
follow me and my last BOTW
reblog this post
There’s no poll!
I’ll choose on the 28th of September. More information can be found in my BOTW faq. Please message me only if your question isn’t answered there already. xx